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Meaningul Experience Icon CopyAt Educare with our Meaningful Experiences™ Curriculum we will encourage the development of intellectual, social, language, creative, and gross-motor skills. At the same time we will also make sure that we are meeting each individual child's emotional needs in our safe and nurturing environment. Our curriculum is based upon the fact that children learn and grow more in a safe environment that creates experiences that are meaningful and age-appropriate.

An Introduction


Through our Meaningful Experiences™ Curriculum children are given opportunities that are meaningful and that they can correlate to the real world. Our curriculum is broken down into 8 different experiences:

Experience Words2

Experience Words focuses on language, vocabulary, and written communications. At each level we provide interactive real-life use and knowledge of alphabet, words, and sentence structure. As children grow, so does their verbal and written capability, and our curriculum provides both advanced and struggling students the opportunity to learn and achieve.

Experience Body2

Experience Body provides an environment for our children to be active, healthy and energetic. From younger students learning to balance and co-ordinate, to more active physical activities, we strive to provide healthy, happy students.

Experience Me2

Experience Me encourages your child to see their self-worth, challenge themselves, and develop a strong sense of identity. By encouraging children to be themselves, acknowledging and accepting both success and failure, and providing a positive re-inforcing environment your child can thrive in any educational arena.

Experience Design2

Experience Design provides our children the opportunity to broaden and expand their creative capabilities. Imagination, ingenuity, and creativity are often found in high achiever's, and are sometimes discouraged in larger "institutional" environments. We provide your child a chance to expand and build upon their creativity, and recognize their talents.

Experience Math2

Experience Math provides the foundation for a critical life capability, and one that we as a nation often fail to emphasize. The critical time for developing your child's young mind with numbers, logic, and reason is their preschool years. This sets the stage for future success, and enhancement of their math skills as they move into school.


Experience People2

Experience People looks to provide your child with social interactions, peer relationships, and personal interactions that position them to excel in school and society. By encouraging peer relationships, and enhancing social interactions with various members of their class, school, and community, your children establish key inter-personal skills.

Children that learn social interactions while in preschool have a distinct advantage over those that remain home, and interact primarily with family and close friends. Learning to share and communicate with their peers provides the basis for deeper interactions later in school.

Experience Music2

Experience Music allows your children to express themselves through music and song. While often overlooked as a critical educational platform, studies show that musical abilities and mathematics are highly correlated. Many inventors, scientists, and entrepreneurs were musicians or musically inclined at an early age.

Experience Nature2

Experience Nature provides your children a chance to learn about their environment, renewable energy, and the importance of nature in our world. A respect for animals and our planet builds a future society where our environment and surroundings are an understood and valued commodity.

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