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Our Preschool classroom is for children who are 4 years old as well as for children who missed the state deadline of September 1st to attend public Kindergarten.


Preparing for Kindergarten…


Preschool-age children have developed that sense of independence as well as an ability to play well with others. Preschool children tend to ask a lot of how and why questions to make sense of their surroundings. During the preschool years children work on establishing strong fine and gross-motor skill as well as how to organize their thoughts. Our Meaningful Experiences™ Curriculum offers a variety of topics of interests to explore. When children are able to explore they develop the necessary skills for reading, writing, and other learning objectives.


Our Preschool teachers create an environment that is child-directed which allows the children to explore learning in a meaningful way. This means that learning is driven from their own natural curiosity. Our students are able to construct their knowledge through hands-on, thought-provoking experiences that challenge them to think. Our teachers design their curriculum around the children's interests and skills needed. Children have the ability to move freely around the room to explore what interests them in-depth. During this time our teachers are able to observe them and able to meet individual needs of the children in a variety of engaging experiences.

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EduCare provides day care and early learning services to children in Joliet, Crest Hill, Plainfield and the Will County area. We offer Early Preschool, Preschool, Private Kindergarten, and School-Age programs. All programs offered are full or part-time.
3171 T Hickey Avenue Joliet, IL
Phone: 815-436-4024